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Band Symbol


Symbol Of Wadadli Experience

The symbol of Wadadli is an original graphic created from a bitmap Image of Antigua in an upright position, artistically embellished with an eye, nose and mouth to portray the island as the head of a Rasta man. It is the official logo, trademark and intellectual property of Wadadli Experience Enterprise 1976 Ltd.

In context, the symbol is more than a logo and trademark, it has greater significance and meaning than most people might be aware of. The official name of the image is "Wadadli Man," and it represents the vision, aspirations and broader perspective of the group.

The concept and original graphic was first conceived and artistically illustrated by Ras Jahbosy, a singer, songwriter and Bass player in the One Love Band, back in the 70s. After receiving a copy of the original drawing, Kumasi recreated several versions of the image and it became a trademark of Wadadli Experience Enterprise Ltd in 1976 when the group became incorporated.

It might not be obvious to the unsuspecting eyes, but the thought of turning an image of Antigua 90% left in an upright position as opposed to been face down, reflects the conscious imagination and inner thoughts of the group at the time. The symbol artistically depict the island of Antigua as the head of a Rastaman in an upright position representing the head of the Caribbean body.