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Band Adventures


Part 2 Of Wadadli Experience Adventures

The group found themselves traveling on a calm and seemingly endless ocean with nothing in sight but infinite darkness. The engine stopped several times briefly, but the last time it did they had trouble restarting it. The group drifted precariously in the dark for awhile attempting to restart the engine. By the time it started, they had no sense of directions as to where they were.

At that point, fear and ambiguity began to dampen the enthusiasm felt earlier on the journey. Audrick the Barbuda had agreed to help with navigating since it was a trip he made very often, but in the pitch of the darkness, neither Audrick nor Evil Canevel had the slightest clue whether they were heading east, west, north or south.

Naturally, Kumasi became the target, and some of the guys start blaming him for deciding to embark on what seemed like a suicide mission. Surprisingly, Kumasi remained relatively calm and unperturbed by the venting of anger towards him.

He manages to allay the fears of the group by hinting that he was confident that even though they drifted for a while, they were still on course and heading in the direction of Coco Point Beach on the south coast of Barbuda. The engine held steady as they pressed on ostensibly in the right direction.

Suddenly, a faint light appeared in the distance and was getting brighter and brighter. The sand and shoreline of Coco Point beach were becoming visible, and Barbuda slowly emerged like a gigantic dragon lying in their path.

Realizing they were just minutes away from the island, the group began singing and chanting as they approached the beach, only when the hit the sand they start to realize that a strange phenomenon had taking place amidst the fear and apprehension on the journey.

It was the unexplained silence of the ocean and complete absence of any waves on the journey. Just as they began to offload the instruments on the beach, the first set of waves started to ripple onto the sand as they removed the boat from the water.

The significance of what had accrued did not sink in at the moment; what was rather obvious and annoying, they landed on a beach infested with swarms of mosquitoes and sand flies. The guys were hungry, so they lit a fire and started roasting some of the ground provisions, while Audrick and Cabu ran to the village to get transport.

The band did not reach Barbuda in time to play on a Friday night, by time Cabu got to the Green Door Tavern to notify (Profit) the owner that the band had just arrived, Profit and the few people still lingering at the tavern was shocked and in disbelief. He quickly arranged for a Tractor to go and get the rest of the group.

The next day when the news broke that Wadadli came after midnight on Friday, they were baffled, they Referred to the group as Jesus and his disciples. They asked the guys "How come de police them na stap ayou? Nur man come a Babuda a night anless dem a gard."

When they went back to the beach to secure the boat the next day, they were shocked and surprised. It was only then The significance of what had accrued the night before begging to sink in. The ocean was angry, crashing powerful and dangerous waves onto the beach and exposing the treacherous rocks and reefs they had unknowingly cross over the night before. Barbuda people refer to them as "Barbuda police and defense force."

Despite the group's ignorance, Wadadli had accomplished something prohibited because of the grave dangers, and they did it in total defiance of Antigua maritime laws. That was the moment that defined the group not just as musicians, but as Wadadli Warriors.

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