Defining Wadadli

The word Wadadli emanate from within the Rastafari community in Antigua and Barbuda in the mid 70s, at a time when young people had just started to recognize and identify with their African heritage. Subsequently, the word became consciously ingrained in the social fabric and cultural traditions of Antigua amid a wave of black consciousness and spiritual enlightenment that swept across the country.

Since then, much has been written about Wadadli in different context over the years, but what is missing from the discussions, claims and assertions, is the indisputable facts about the origin and meaning of the word. The history of Wadadli experience Band contains several chapters the give` a brief and accurate account of the origin, who coined the word, and how the band got its name.

Wadadli is an original word, you won't find any reference of Definition of it in your dictionary or Thesaurus, so defining Wadadli is a task left to who it's associated with and what it represent. However, the assumption that Wadadli means Antigua is fairly acceptable from a cultural perspective, but to the group it's much more significant than that.

Wadadli is applicable in a much broader context than the casual user is cognizant of. In a recent interview with the leader of the group Mykal Kumasi Jones, this is how he define the group. "Wadadli is an Institution, a concept, a unique sound, culture, vision and manifestation of the enlightened. Based on the experience, struggles, trial and tribulations we had to overcome as a group, we derive the meaning of Wadadli as "Sons Of Light."