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The popularization of the internet have allowed online pirates and bootleggers to access and transform all types of documents, movies, music and other forms of artistic expressions into digital copies of the original.  Unlimited and easy access to files containing personal and private information on the internet, have enabled the unauthorized copy, distribution and sale of copyright material.

This lawless practice of unauthorized sale and distribution of music has become a trend adopted by many shady online business owners.  Not only does it pose a serious treat to music composers, authors and owners of creative artistic works. It has serious legal implications for those who may not be cognizant of an intellectual property or copyright infringement and attempt to profit from the materials.

intellectual property covers a wide range of artistic works. It encompasses inventions, products, imagery, creative works and processes protected in some cases by trade secret laws, patent, trademark and international copyright laws.  To put it simple, intellectual property refers to works and products of human intellect that have commercial value and are legally protected.

Intellectual Property Types & Laws

The laws governing intellectual property consist of several overlapping and separate legal disciplines embedded with their individual characteristics and terminologies.

Patent Law:

Patent laws covers three different types and categories. They are plant, designs and utility. The most common is the utility patent. Only the owner has the exclusive rights to make, use or sell the invention.

Copyright Law:

Copyright protection usually last for a hundred years and more. It is normally granted for original works and creative expressions produced by artist, authors, composers, programmers, designers and other creative individuals. It does not protect your ideas. However, it protects the manner in which you express them.

Trademark Law:

Trademark laws usually govern and protect the rights of business owners and companies that have and use unique names, keywords, logo, designs or slogans to identify and distinguish their products, goods and services.