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Band Trials And Test Of Will

As Wadadli struggled to regroup at their new location in Green Bay, Victor (Babu) Samuel came onboard as the new drummer and occupied one of the three bedrooms in the new band house. After a while, Kumasi moved into another room in the band house and start practicing to play the keyboard.

Conrad Shaw (Cabu) was a young man who had recently returned from St.Croix and began hanging out with Kumasi and Babu at the band house. Inspired by the Rastafari culture, music, and lifestyle, he started growing dreadlocks and eventually became the percussion player in the group.

A talented and experience Piano player name Ira Payne from Clair Hall Village started playing with the band for but he was not fully committed, he would practice with the band and hardly ever showed up for the gigs.

After Ira, another trained keyboard player name Reggie Lewis, from the Villa community began playing with the band. Reggie was a good organ player specialized in classical, blues and jazz music, but he was not too fond of playing Calypso.

One Sunday evening the band was playing at Zanzi Bar Tavern in Urlings village, and Reggie did not show up. It was another disappointment, but at the time it was one too much, so Kumasi decided to play the keyboard after returning from the band first break.

Much to the amazement and delight of the group, Kumasi played every song after the break to the end of the gig. After doing it at a few more gigs it was obvious that he was capable, so Kumasi eventually switched from playing the guitar and start playing keyboards in the band.