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Singing Tiger


Calypso Singer In Wadadli Experience

In loving Memories of Eustace Lawrence (AKA: Sining Tiger) was the Calypso and Soka Singer in Wadadli Experience Band before he parted this life. May he RIP.

Wadadli Experience Calypso Singer
Wadadli Experience

Don't think for one minute that because his name is the last one on the list of Wadadli Experience Band members, it's an indication that he's not relevant or of great significance to the group; his contribution was just as significant and valuable as the other members.

Before he joined Wadadli band Tiger was well known amongst Antigua Calypso music singers, so he was not new to the music business, he was one of three brothers called Lion, Leopard, and Tiger from the Point community and they were some of the best Calypso signers in Antigua.

Tiger earned his stripe in Wadadli band without any delay for he did not have to prove anything, he was good at what he does and did it well. Tiger was black, rough and tough and had similar habits like iko, he smoked, drank, and was very free-spirited.

Just like most of the guys who joined after the band moved to Green Bay, Tigers contribution to the group only made it better. Most bands at the time had lead singers that sang a little of everything, but Wadadli had one of Antigua's best calypso singers, Sir Eustace Lawrence, better known as Tiger, a warrior soldier of Wadadli Experience.