Politics & Wadadli Experience

The first major trial and tribulation Wadadli Experience encountered, inadvertently changed the band forever. It was an unfortunate incident involving Selvyn Walter, the former PLM Government representative of the Grays Green community.

It all started after the band played at La Valbone, a restaurant and night club owned and operated by Selvyn Walter in the early seventies. Wadadli did not have top of the line equipment like other bands in Antigua when it started, most of the instruments were old used amplifiers and speakers covered with sheep and goat skins.

After playing at the club one night, the transport did not show up after the gig, so the band left their equipment on the stage and walked home. When they return the next day to collect them they were unpleasantly surprised. Most of the instruments got stripped of their covering, ripped and shredded to pieces by Selvyn Dogs, very little was salvageable from the remains.

Selvyn decided to replace the damaged equipment without any strings attached, and in a few weeks the band got back the instruments it lost along with some new pieces. Apparently, there was no signed agreement or contract between Wadadli Experience and Selvyn Walter. From the band's perspective, he was just replacing the instruments they lost at La Valbone, but they were thankful for the extra pieces.

Assuming that Selvyn was a man of his word and had no ulterior motive, the band offered to play at the PLM labor day celebration free of cost as a gesture of appreciation for the new equipment. Apparently, Selvyn accepted the offer, and the band played for the PLM Queen show and Labor Day parade in 1973/74 for free.

In 1975 Wadadli Experience got a job to play for the (ALP) Antigua Labor Party Queen Show. Apparently Wadadli felt no obligation to Selvyn or any political party at the time, so the band accepted the job to play for a big event and get paid.  Continue >