Wadadli Politics Part 2

Surprisingly, on the second day of rehearsing for the show, Selvyn Walter, Baldwin Spencer and Zachey, a local tailor from Green bay, came to the band house and told the band they cannot play for the ALP queen show. That did not sit well with the group, so things got heated and an argument ensued.

Selvyn was a bit hesitant at first because his seat was up for grabs in the 1976 national election, but it was Baldwin Spencer and Zachey who reminded him that they did not come to negotiate, so they encouraged him to quit talking and seize the instruments.

Certain members of the group refused to hand over their instrument and was putting up resistance, but Selvyn was allegedly armed, so the effort to prevent them was futile. Eventually, they took back the instruments he gave to the band except for the Organ and a pair of Congas.

Feeling powerless and betrayed by Selvyn, Kumasi, Kwesi, Iceman and Nekuma went to ZDK radio station to report the incident and was met by the station manager Vere Bird Junior. Vere Bird took the report, broke it in a news flash and the used the incident as an opportunity to attack Selvyn's character, portraying him as an armed and dangerous bully.

The original band eventually broke up, and some of the members who supported the PLM party realigned themselves with Selvyn, and he gave them the instruments he took from Wadadli to form a band and play for his reelection campaign events. The incident left the Rastafari members in the group feeling betrayed.

Wadadli Experience was dysfunctional for a quite while until they eventually found a band house on #3 George Street in Green Bay. Wadadli was not to be denied. With the help of Lester Bird, the band secured a loan of 2000,00 US dollars from the Bank Of Nova Scotia and purchased some new equipment.