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Guitar Player In Wadadli Experience

Born on the 26th of August 1956 and departed this life on the 19th of Febuary 2003, Charlesworth Mackett Sebastian (AKA: Obadiah) was the Guitar player, singer and song writer in Wadadli Experience Band, RIP Soldier.

Wadadli Experience Guitar Player
Wadadli Experience

You cannot deemphasize or attempt to mitigate the contribution that Obadia made to Wadadli Experience band. Obadiah was much more than a guitar player; he was one of the leading singers and songwriter, the director and arranger of the vocals.

The guys in the band used to call him "Jips," don't know precisely when or how he acquired the name, but Obadiah had some invaluable attributes that complimented and enhanced the sound of the group.

Apart from playing music, Obadia loved to go fishing, he had a small boat and spent a lot of time at sea. He also had skills in varnishing and would get work yachts and other boats that docked in English Harbor where he lived.

Just like Kuma and Kwesi, Obadiah also grew up in the Virgin Islands; his family resided in St. Thomas where he went to school and got most of his music experience playing with different bands and musicians on the island.

Obadiah was born singing, and he never stopped, he loved singing so much that he used to walk and sing with his box guitar and had no problem attracting and entertaining a crowd. His voice is one of a kind; It's unique, no one sound like him, he was a natural singer that could sing any genre of music with ease.

As much as he loved singing, It's entirely possible that nothing ever got more of Obadiah's time and dedication than his guitar, his ears were sensitive like a cat and could listen to any guitar solo, work it out, and play it over and over again until he gets it right.

Kumasi had a lot of respect and confidence in Obadiah and not just for his musical talents, they both shared a bit more in common. Unlike the rest of the group, Kumasi and Obadiah had training in martial arts, and they were fearless.

Given all the battles the band fought before the arrival of Obadia, they were battle-hardened warriors, but Obadiah became Kumasi's field marshal, he never backs down from a challenge, and if he does, don't take it for weakness, he's very cunning and unpredictable.

Obadia was the best singer in the band, but he was also a composer and songwriter. He was the one who started playing and singing Wadadli Came From Afar before Kumasi joined in and collaborated to completed the song.

Obadiah's life personifies the Rastafari philosophy, music, and religious ideology he embraced and his contribution to the band was invaluable. Obadiah was, Is, and will forever remain a loved, and respect veteran warrior of Wadadli Experience Band.