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Saxophone And Flute Player

Dunstan (Kwesi) Ford, backup singer, Saxophone and Flute player in the original Wadadli Experience Band. Kwesi's role in building Wadadli Experience was executed with the same passion, perseverance, and commitment like Kuma, for they both knew each other living in St.Croix and had aspirations of playing in a band.

Wadadli Experience Saxaphone Player
Wadadli Experience

When Nekuma contacted Kewsi and invited him to join the band, Kwesi was living with Kumasi on St.John's street at the top of the Point community, so he gave Kuma the Okay and told him he was going to bring his buddy Kumasi with him.

They both eventually joined the band together and started practicing with the rest of the group. Kwesi did not have a Saxophone when he joined the band; he played a silver plated flute and love to solo, he was a skilled flutist that could play almost anything.

Before Kewsi, the band consists of a bass player, drummer, guitarist, trumpeter, trombone player, and percussionist, but only the bassist, guitarist and trombone player had adequate musical skills and experience, so It was hard to consume the sound they produced.

Kwesi is like one of those rare aromatic spice that's exceedingly valuable and hard to find. His addition to the band was one of the missing ingredients that made the music palatable and the sound of the band distinguishable from the rest.

Kwewsi love to play his flute and practice, nothing was ever beyond his reach, he is a quick learner and versatile player that can leave you enchanted by the sound of his acoustic flute.

He was confident he could play the saxophone like a flute and was so anxious to get his hands on one that Kwesi use to borrow and rend saxophones until he got hisown.

Things only got better when he did, for he had already proven he could play the Sax and hold his own. You can listen to Kwesi playing flute in a song called WE See Jah.