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About Iko


Wadadli Experience Band Drummer

Cladiusl (Iko) started playing Drums In Wadadli Experience Band In 1977 after the band moved to Green Bay. He was part of the rebirth of the new Wadadli band after the fire that destroyed the second band house.

Wadadli Band Drummer
Wadadli Experience

Iko joined the band through his affiliation with Kumasi, they both played in Ebonites Steel band together where they learned to play the drum. They were close friends, and Iko uses to plat his and Kumasi's hair before they started growing deadlock.

Iko is a liberal, free spirit, and spontaneous man that loves to dress, indulge and enjoy anything he can afford. He likes to hang out and socialize, smoked both cigar ad cigarette and had an affinity for exotic drinks, fine wine, and liquors.

It was quite apparent that Iko was not a hardcore Rastafari evangelist like Kuma, Kumasi, Kwesi, and Makeda when he joined Wadadli, he had certain tendencies and habits that were impeding the band's efforts, and that did not sit well with the group.

Iko began playing music as a steel band drummer, so he had a lot of stamina, but he wasn't that discipline, focus, and committed like the other members in the group. It took some time for him to settle down before he got his stripe, but he eventually earned It and made a valuable contribution to the band.