Tragedy & Triumph

The band was slowly recovering from the Selvyn Walter incident and making great strides, but is was not long before another unforeseen tragedy struck the group again on a Sunday afternoon in 1976.

Unfortunately, the three bedroom band house on No.3 George Street caught fire and everything went up in smoke. Much speculations abound on the origin of the fire, but it remains a mystery.

Wadadli remained musically inactive for quite a while, but with the support of fans, friends and local business places in Antigua, the band came back stronger and better with Kumasi as the new leader and Donald Weston the (Iceman) as his deputy.

A New Beginning

Subsequently, Lester and Vere Bird Junior became the legal representatives of Wadadli, and in a few weeks they prepared the legal documents and registered the band as a local company in the state of Antigua & Barbuda. After receiving the Article of Memorandum and the official seal of the company, the official name of the group was "Wadadli Experience Enterprise 1976 Ltd."

1977 saw the arrival of Charlesworth Sebastian (Obadiah) on Guitar and vocals, Claudius Henry (Iko) on drums and Calypso singer (Tiger} to the group. Fortunately, Wadadli found another band house on No.2 George Street, and it was the beginning of a new era and a defining moment in the band's history.

Reinforced by the addition of new singers and players of instruments, Wadadli Experience went on to record their first album "Came From Afar" in 1979 and became a dominant force in Antigua for more than a decade.