Wadadli Experience Changes

Changing Faces Of Wadadli

The band was a mixture of Rasta, Christians and non Christian, so it was hard to find common ground sometimes. Before long, Political affiliation, personal ambitions and religious ideology apparently led to constant arguments between the non-dread locks fraction and the Rastafari members.

Change was inevitable. The first to leave the Band was Calvin the Bass player who came from a Christian family in Eurlings village and was an active member of the Seven Day Adventist Church. He was an excellent Bassist, but his commitment to the church hindered him from playing with the band on his Sabbath.

William (Willie) Lewis and Junior (Jagga) Martin played Bass with the band for a brief period before William moved on to help start "The Fabulous Antiguans' Band". Apparently, Jagger had ongoing commitment with King Short Shirt, so he brought Donald (Iceman) Weston to replace him and went on to start "Ghetto Vibes Band."

Just after the arrival of Donald Weston, a keyboard player called Denfield, offered to help the band. Convenient for Wadadli, Denfield was a versatile all round musician living just a few houses away from the band house, so he could hear the band struggling with the music while rehearsing.

His time with the group was brief, but his musical experience and leadership help to create a better sounding band. Wadadli was making strides and gaining prominence in the local music arena, but it was not all smooth sailing. The band encountered many trials, tribulations and temporary setbacks along the way.