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Percussion Player In Wadadli Experience

Cabu became apart of the band by associating with guys; he was not a musician or Rasta, he had just returned from St.Croix, where he lived for a while and had some long hair plat in different styles.

Cabu From Wadadli Band
Wadadli Experience

Folks in the neighborhood called him "Babs," and perhaps that's because his grandmother name was Miss Babsy. Like the rest the community, he was a die-hard fan of the band and used to run errands for the guys while they were practicing.

Babu was living in the band house before Kumasi moved in, so after rehearsal, he would hang out with Babu and even sleep in the band house at times. Kumasi used to chase him out of the band house if he came and found him sleeping, but he was a little youth and never made any fuss.

It was evident that he wanted to be apart of the group even though he had no musical experience, so after moved in the band house they developed a real close relationship and Kumasi allow him to play the Tumba drums and start treating him more like a son.

Inspired and Influenced by Kumasi, he eventually started to grow dreadlocks and embraced the Rasta lifestyle, so Kumasi made him part of the band and started calling him Cabu, that's how he got the name.

Don't know if he ever had Rasta Ital food before, but he loved Kumasi's cooking and ate quite allot. Cabu uses to eat so much Ital food that after a while he started looking shine because Kumasi cooked with a lot of coconuts, so the guys started calling him Ital Wolf.

It doesn't matter where or when, whether it's the band house, on the road, or performing on stage, Cabu was one of the most loyal and reliable soldiers that Kumasi and Wadadli Experience band ever had.