History Of Wadadli Experience

Wadadli Experience Band is a group from Antigua founded by Bernard Charles ( Nekuma) from Green Bay in 1973 after returning from St.Croix. The Band started in a small community called Hatton Estate, located at the bottom of Gray's Farm and Green Bay in Antigua. The followng is a list of the original members of the group when it started.

How The Band Got Its Name

The band did not have an official name when it started, the name emerged in a discussion between Nekuma, Kwesi, Kumasi and Ras Bagalaga, a percussion player and cultural icon from the Rastafari community in Antigua.

Bagalaga suggested "Waladli," the name of the Island pre-history. In response, Nekuma suggested Waladli Express, but after pondering for a while, Bagalaga purposed naming the band "Wadadli Experience." Apparently, they all agreed, and that's how the group got its name.

When he explained the reason for using Wadadli instead of Waladli, Bagalaga noted that "Lad" (a familiar term of address to a boy) is a word used mostly by people from England when referring to a boy, and Rastaman don't see themselves as boys. By removing "lad" from WA-LAD-LI and replacing it with Dad, Bagalaga coined the word WA-DAD-LI.