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First Reggae Band From Antigua

Wadadli Experience Band

If you've never heard of Wadadli Experience Band from Antigua before, read the chapters of the untold story, it include detailed information about when and how the band started, the names of the original band members, and the origin, and meaning of the word Wadadli.

There's never been a group of musicians like Wadadli Experience Band in the history of Antigua. The band's history is a record of trials, tribulations, betrayal, and triumph over all adversities from 1972 until 2002.

Rastafari Band From Antigua

We Came From Afar

Wadadli is the official website for accurate information about the group, so feel free to explore the site and learn all about the legacy and history of Wadadli Experience Band from Antigua.


The untold story of Wadadli Experience band is a comprehensive and detailed documentary about a local group of Rastafarians that became one of the most dominant, recognized, and popular group of musicians in Antigua.



Reggae Band From Antigua

There were lots of good bands in Antigua in the 70s and 80s, but Wadadli Experience was a select group of Antigua musicians that left a lasting impression on their fans and those who had the opportunity to hear and see the band perform live.

Symbol Of Wadadli Experience

The website logo is the official symbol of the Wadadli Experience. The emblem is an embellished photo of Antigua placed in an upright position, depicting the dreadlocks on the head of a Rastaman, with ear, mouth, and eye added in to accentuate the symbol of Wadadli.